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EDEN Apartments Luhačovice

Perfect connection of modern housing in the centre of a historical spa

Luhačovice Spa – a place of the gentility and elegance of the first Czechoslovak republic, a place connected to nature, a place with a favourable climate, famous for its natural curative springs – that is the place that we chose for our project.

Locality and Location

The spa of Luhačovice is situated in the southeast part of the Czech Republic, the region of Zlín, at the boundary of Wallachia and Moravian Slovakia. The whole locality is called Luhačovické Zálesí and it is a part of the Bílé Karpaty protected landscape area.

Luhačovice is the largest Moravian spa with a long tradition of treating illnesses related to the respiratory system, digestive tract, diabetes and locomotive organs. There are 16 bicarbonate-sodium-chloride acidulous springs and one sulphurous spring in Luhačovice.

The Luhačovice water is considered to be one of the most effective in Europe for its high content of mineral substances. The best known Luhačovice springs are Vincentka, Aloiska, Ottovka, Pramen dr. Šťastného and Sv. Josef.


Ground Plan – Floor 1 and 2 – EDEN Apartments Luhačovice

About the Project

The EDEN project with 17 apartments offers a perfect balance between modern housing in the very centre of the spa of Luhačovice.
The extension will be built at the edge of the city conservation zone in Masarykova Street. The extension takes advantage of the flat roof of the existing department store built in the second half of the 20th century. There will be 17 typologically similar housing units creating a compact structure with the character of a family home. The proximity of the city centre, accessibility of civic amenities connected with the unique expressional form increase the value of living in this desired locality.
The apartments will be accessible by a lift and a staircase. The lift will be accessible from the front of the shopping arcade, where you can find an ALBERT grocery store, SCHLECKER drugstore or a pharmacy. There will be covered parking and facilities for the individual apartments in the basement of the department store – cellar units etc.

Extension (Apartments)

The ground floor of the apartments is L-shaped with a cantilever roof and a partially flat green roof. There is a vestibule with an entry to WC, a kitchen with a dining and living room on the first floor. Each apartment has an outdoor terrace accessible from the interior through a large sliding window. There is a staircase in the living area of the first floor leading to an attic with a bedroom and bathroom.
The space between the individual apartments is filled with grass and greenery, which will provide the inhabitants with a perfect place for coming together and resting.
The project of EDEN Luhačovice was designed by architects from the DUM-DUM studio - Ing. Arch. Josef Omelka and Ing. Arch. Bořek Knytl. The entire complex of apartments is created in a way providing the future users with exclusivity, privacy and style. 

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