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I have my own real estate land

You can contact us if you have your own building plot and plan to build a house. We will prepare a study of situating a house in the building plot according to your requirements and amount you are willing to invest.

I am looking for suitable real estate land

You can find the basic offer of suitable building plots in the Czech Republic at the following link: Real Estate Land.
We have prepared some advice for those who are looking for a building plot. When selecting a suitable piece of land, the following aspects need to be considered:

Verification of the real estate with authorities

First of all, you need to check that the real estate is suitable for housing development and that it is possible to do construction works there. You can verify this information at a relevant municipal authority by examining the zoning or regulation plan and by addressing the administrators of underground services in order to find out information about any pipelines, cables or other equipment running through the real estate. You can ask for the zoning and planning information at the building office or at an authorized municipal office. The zoning and planning information contains the necessary data about the terms and conditions for the construction of a house. We also recommend checking the information available at the real estate cadastre.

Selection of the locality and price

When selecting the locality, we are significantly influenced by its price. Usually, the most expensive land is found in city centres, residential suburbs and cheaper land is found in the suburbs of smaller municipalities with low level of civic amenities. The price of the real estate land is also affected by the size and slope of the building plot, cardinal point orientation, possibility of connection to underground services etc.

Size of the real estate

We have to know how large the real estate should be. When building a standard family house, we ideally need a piece of land with an area ranging from 600 to 1,000m2. A flat square or rectangle is optimal. When buying a piece of land, you need to know the city and municipality regulations determining the minimum area of a building plot and the level of its possible development. You need to take several aspects into consideration: the minimum distance of two adjacent buildings, the distance of the object from the border of the real estate and the distance from the road. There are numerous exceptions in terraced house development; however, we recommend that you talk to the local building office about your building plan prior to the purchase of the land.

Slope of the real estate

A flat piece of land is the best. The higher the slope of the land is, the more expensive the construction of the foundation and terrain adjustments. It is only up to you to decide how much you are willing to invest into the construction adjustments of the land. However, selecting a sloping piece of land may substantially increase the building costs.  

Possibility to connect to underground services and communication

When you inspecting the building plot, make sure you check the facilities and equipment available at the plot: that it is connected to underground services, or how far the possible connection is. There might be some issues with the connection to underground services and communication, for instance when the sewage water treatment plant in the locality does not have a sufficient capacity. In such a case, the water management company may refuse to connect you and you will be thus forced to find a different solution, such as a reservoir on your real estate. Furthermore, the land might not be connected to a road and the local municipal authority may require your participation in the costs of the construction of a connecting road. You can find this information from the neighbours or directly from distribution companies.

Real estate orientation, plans for future development in the vicinity

When visiting the real estate, check the location of the land, how much sunlight it gets and what the subsoil is at the future building site. Also, find out what the development plans in the vicinity are prior to the purchase. You can get this information from the municipal zoning plan.

Real estate ownership, right of user

Find out who owns the real estate, how many owners there are, whether or not there are any related rights of user. The right of user can be arranged in favour of a private person (a part of the land may be used as an access road to somebody else’s real estate) or in favour of the government, municipality or legal entities. There may be an underground sewerage system going through the land to which the operator may require access in case of an accident.

Access road

Find out whether or not there is an access road to the real estate and whether or not you will be able to use it without any problems in the future. In most cases the access road leads along a public road and you should not have any problems with accessing your land. However, sometimes a small part of the access road may be located on somebody else’s land or there might be unsolved property relations. If so, it is best to clarify such issues prior to the purchase of the land.

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